First of all
Getting ready

Homepage-making "tricks"
The rules of the world of homepages

 Basic "tricks" you should know
   - Make Text easy to read
   - Try changing the text position
   - Try adding pictures
   - Adding links to other sites
Different Colors

Rent space to open your homepage in
Use the File Manager and show your homepage to everybody

Lots more "tricks"
How to become a homepage master

Making a homepage seems hard......
But a blog's just not quite the same!
"It's my first time making a homepage!"
People like this will be OK too.

Try making your own original homepage,
along with's mascot character,
"Mr. Buttobi"!

I'd like to try making a homepage like this...
But making a homepage sound difficult...

Leave that to me!
"Who are you?"

"I'm the Homepage Master!" (Nothing shady...)
"Let's try making your first homepage together."