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Re-send account ID/password

If you have forgotten your account ID or password,
please enter one or both of the following and click the "Send" button.
Your account ID and password will be sent
to the e-mail address registered in User Information.
(Information cannot be re-sent to an e-mail address not registered in User Information)

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[Little Tips]

Your account ID is included in your URL:
https://[account ID].***.buttobi.net/ for homepages, and
https://[account ID].***.btblog.jp/ (or https://[account ID].adultlog.net/) for blogs.
If you are unsure of your account ID, please have a look at the URL for the service you are using.

The password was send to the e-mail adress registered in User Information
when you signed up, and if you previously changed it.
If it can't be resent (e-mail address is no longer valid, etc),
then try to find the e-mail from when you registered (or changed the password).

In order to prevent password or identity theft by a third party and other security risks,
if you don't know your account ID or password and cannot receive e-mails to the e-mail
address that you registered with, the account ID and password cannot be re-sent.

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